Adjunct Applications:

  1. I'm interested in part-time teaching (adjunct). What is the process for applying?

    Applications for part-time teaching (adjunct) are accepted year round and are kept on file for up to one year. If you are interested in part-time teaching, please submit a complete faculty application packet and indicate the area of study you are eligible teaching.

    Credential requirements: Applicant must meet the STC credential requirements as published in Board Policy 4151:Academic and Professional Credentials of Faculty

  2. What subjects may be available for adjunct faculty to teach?

    Business & Technology Division
    Accounting, Administrative Office Careers, Automotive Technology, Business Administration, Business Computers, Construction Supervision, Computer Aided Drafting and Design, Culinary Arts, Economics, Electrician Assistant, Electronics/Computer Maintenance, Fire Science, Human Resources Specialist, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology, Manufacturing Technology, Office Management, Paralegal, Precision Manufacturing Technology, Plumbing, Public Safety, Welding

    Liberal Arts & Social Sciences Division
    Arts, Anthropology, Child Development, Criminal Justice, Drama, Education, English History, Kinesiology, Music – voice and Woodwinds, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Administration, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Sign Language, Interpreter, Speech, World Languages/Spanish/Sign Language

    Nursing & Allied Health
    Associate Degree Nursing, College Success for Health Care, Emergency Medical Tech, Health & Medical Admin Services, Medical Assisting, Medical Information Program, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Patient Care, Pharmacy Technology, Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiology Technology, Respiratory Therapy, Vocational Nursing

    Math, Science & Bachelor Programs Division
    Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Developmental Math, Mathematics, Physics. Astronomy, Physical Science, Technology Management, Computer Information Technology, Health and Medical Services Management

  3. What are Board policies that apply to adjuncts?

  4. Policy 4820 Non-exempt employees
    Policy 3809 Maximum Teaching Load for Adjunct Faculty
    Policy 4115 Personnel Appointments
    Policy 4309 Sick Leave Deduction for Faculty
    Policy 4300 Eligibility for Employee Benefits
    Policy 4151 Academic and Professional Credentials of Faculty
    Policy 4152 Documentation of Official Transcripts for All Employees

  5. How do I apply for an Adjunct faculty position?
  6. Prior to submitting application packets, please ensure that you have provided all necessary information and have included the following:

    • South Texas College Employment Application
    • Current copy of resume/Curriculum Vitae
    • Five (5) professional references
    • Letter of intent (Cover Letter)
    • Copies of academic transcript
    • Download Adjunct Application
  7. Where can I get more information such as compensation and evaluation of adjunct faculty?
    You may view all this information and more in the Faculty Handbook.  For benefits eligibility due to the Affordable Care Act go to Affordable Care Act Overview.

  8. I am presently employed by South Texas College as a non-exempt employee, can I apply as an adjunct faculty?
    Non-exempt employees of South Texas College may not be hired by South Texas College as adjunct faculty. See board Policy 4820 Non-exempt employees

  9. I am a dual enrollment adjunct faculty, can I apply for a regular adjunct faculty?
    Yes. You will need to fill a new application. Please see section 4. On how to apply.