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For all other other employment oppotunities please click on one of the employment categories below to view advertised positions for that category. Job descriptions for each available position may be viewed by clicking on the position titles. Please note that a separate hardcopy application packet MUST be submitted for each position for which you will be applying. Prior to submitting application packets, please ensure that you have provided all necessary information and have included the following:


STC Employment Application, current copy of resume/CV, five (5) references, letter of intent, and copies of academic transcripts. Official copies of transcripts will be required if hired. Foreign transcripts must be evaulated by an approved credential evaluation agency/service. Please click here to view approved credential evaluation services.


You may download the STC employment application by clicking the appropriate link below. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the STC employment application(s). Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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Posting Number Position Title Educational Requirement Date Updated 
2011-2049Certified Lab Assistant (NAH)ASSOCIATES5-07-2012
2012-2069Child Development Center Teacher (Full-Time Temporary) (MidValley)ASSOCIATES8-25-2012
2013-2058Computer Services SpecialistASSOCIATES7-15-2013
2014-2021Web Application Specialist (2)BACHELORS9-20-2013
2014-2026Systems AnalystBACHELORS9-27-2013
2014-2029Security Guard Specialist (FTT) (2)ASSOCIATES10-04-2013
2014-2042Student Success Specialist (BACH Program) (FTT)BACHELORS10-25-2013
2014-2043Instructional DesignerBACHELORS11-01-2013
2014-2051ERP Lead Analyst (FTT) (2)BACHELORS11-22-2013
2014-2058Advisor (2) BACHELORS12-06-2013
2014-2083Reporting AnalystBACHELORS4-11-2014
2014-2086Accounting SpecialistBACHELORS5-09-2014
2014-2088Operations Contract ManagerBACHELORS5-23-2014
2014-2090Student Success Specialist (Math & Science)BACHELORS6-13-2014
2014-2091Network SpecialistASSOCIATES6-20-2014
2014-2094Institutional Effectiveness Analyst BACHELORS6-27-2014
2015-2001Project Manager - Office of Strategic InitiativesBACHELORS7-15-2014
2015-2002Project Manager - IS&PBACHELORS8-09-2014
2015-2003Lab Specialist II - Biology (2)BACHELORS8-22-2014
2015-2004Early College High School Specialist (2) (PECAN, STARR)BACHELORS8-28-2014
2015-2005Coordinator of Wellness Centers (FTT)ASSOCIATES9-15-2014
2015-2006Coordinator of Learning SupportBACHELORS9-23-2014
2015-2007Student Services Specialist IIBACHELORS9-23-2014
2015-2008College Connection Specialist/RecruiterBACHELORS9-23-2014
2015-2009Project Manager - Academic AffairsBACHELORS9-29-2014
2015-2010Project Manager - Finance and Administrative ServicesBACHELORS10-01-2014
2015-2011Finance and Administrative Services Support SpecialistBACHELORS10-01-2014
2015-2013Licensed Lab Assistant - EMT (NAH) 10-01-2014
2015-2016Grants and Contracts Compliance ManagerBACHELORS10-10-2014
2015-2017Lab SupervisorBACHELORS10-10-2014
2015-2019Coordinator of Dual Enrollment 10-11-2014
2015-2021Applications Analyst II 10-11-2014
2015-2022Applications Analyst III (3) 10-11-2014
2015-2023Information Technology Risk and Security Manager 10-11-2014
2015-2024Technology and Client Services Manager 10-11-2014
2015-2025Client Services Specialist 10-11-2014
2015-2026Welding Trainer (FTT) (STARR) 10-16-2014
SHP0037Human Resources Staffing Specialist (APPLY ONLINE ONLY)BACHELORS10-01-2014
SHP0039Coordinator for Human Resources (APPLY ONLINE ONLY)BACHELORS10-01-2014
SHP0040Police Officer (7) (APPLY ONLINE ONLY)HSD/GED10-08-2014
SHP0046Benefits Specialist (APPLY ONLINE ONLY)BACHELORS10-08-2014
SHP0047Police Sergeant (2) (APPLY ONLINE ONLY)BACHELORS10-09-2014
SHP0050Benefits and Payroll Manager (APPLY ONLINE ONLY)BACHELORS10-14-2014
SHP0051Accounting Group Supervisor (APPLY ONLINE ONLY)BACHELORS10-14-2014
SHP0052Accountant (Payroll) (APPLY ONLINE ONLY)BACHELORS10-14-2014
SHP0053Accountant (Budget) (APPLY ONLINE ONLY)BACHELORS10-14-2014
SHP0054Accountant (Construction) (APPLY ONLINE ONLY)BACHELORS10-14-2014
SHP0055Police Dispatcher (2) (APPLY ONLINE ONLY)ASSOCIATES10-23-2014
SHP0058Maintenance Manager (APPLY ONLINE ONLY)BACHELORS10-23-2014
SHP0059Custodial Manager (APPLY ONLINE ONLY)BACHELORS10-23-2014
SHP0060Coordinator for Professional and Organizational Development (APPLY ONLINE ONLY)BACHELORS10-29-2014
SHP0064Police Compliance Coordinator BACHELORS10-31-2014