Frequently Asked Questions


As an addition to our existing set of services targetted at assisting faculty and staff find the information they need, Human Resources is happy to announce our new "Frequently Asked Questions" section. With the FAQ, HR will seek to provide an easily-accessible resource for answers to commonly asked questions and advice for expediting existing College processes and procedures. Each month, an HR staffer will provide their top five to ten frequently asked questions and provide answers.

Presented by: Cristina Garza, HR Staffing Specialist (March 2011)

Download March FAQ (pdf)

1. If I am a current STC employee, do I still need to submit a new application packet for a position I may be applying for?

Yes. All applicants, even current employees, must submit one application packet per position applying for. This includes letter of intent, resume and references. The only item we can supply is copies of transcripts. Please keep in mind that HR may not have your most updated transcripts on file. We highly recommend you attach copies!

2. If the position I applied for is still posted on the website, does this mean that the position is still vacant (open)?

Yes, the position is still vacant. Once the position is filled or closed, it is removed from the website.

3. What is the "DPS Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Verification" form? Why do I need to fill it out?

The “DPS Computerized Criminal History (CCH) Verification” form is a new form enacted by the Texas Department of Public Safety – Crimes Division which allows South Texas College to conduct Texas Background Checks on all new and potential hires, including work study applicants. It is a requirement by TXDPS that every applicant must sign the form giving authorization to perform a Texas Background check.

4. Why is it that when I call about the status of my application, I can only know whether my application is "processed as complete"?

All benefit-eligible vacancies for South Texas College must undergo the search committee process, as per HR policy, which includes a statement of confidentiality. The search committee members must abide by confidential practices until the search has ended. For more information on the search committee process, please refer to the STC Hiring Manual in the HR Forms & Policies section.

5. It's been over a year and the position I applied for is still posted on the HR website. Am I required to re-submit an application to be considered for the position?

No, once an application is submitted for a specific job code, that application will be in consideration until the position is closed or the vacancy is filled. Duplicate applications are not necessary.

6. What are "official" transcripts and when are they required?

"Official" transcripts submitted to South Texas College must be MAILED DIRECTLY FROM THE INSTITUTION OR COLLEGE that is sending them. Transcripts that are “issued to student”, even if in a sealed envelope, are not considered "official". "Official" transcripts are only required if you have been made an offer of employment.

7. I'm interested in part-time teaching (adjunct). What is the process for applying?

Applications for part-time teaching (adjunct) are accepted year round and are kept on file for up to one year. If you are interested in part-time teaching, please submit a complete faculty application packet and indicate the area of study you are interested in teaching.

8. I recently submitted a personnel requisition. How long will it take before it is advertised?

All signature approvals for personnel requisitions must be obtained before the position is advertised in the local newspaper. The deadline to submit an ad for our local paper is every Wednesday at 3:00 pm for the following Sunday issue.

9. I need to hire a direct-wage employee! What paperwork do I need to submit?

For every new hire direct wage employee, you MUST submit a complete application packet (STC application, letter of intent, resume, references and copies of transcripts), a complete NOE with approval signatures and three (3) reference checks.

10. I submitted a direct wage hire packet a week ago. When can the applicant attend new-hire orientation?

The NOE must receive funding approval PRIOR to the applicant starting their assignment; therefore, the supervisor will be notified via e-mail to send the applicant in for orientation when ALL approvals are received. This will help prevent problems that may occur as the payroll process is being finalized.